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do I dare to eat a peach?

Our dreams are made out of real things;
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I'm Victoria, an undergraduate student studying Zoology and Neuroscience. Most of my life revolves around school, playing jazz and concert music, reading, and playing around on the internet.

I very much enjoy reading, writing, playing the piano, photography, and occasionally drawing. I also garden and play way too many video games. I'm not much a fan of sleep, so I drink an awful lot of tea and Diet Pepsi.

I love talking philosophy, literature, music, religion, and the like and I try to stay informed about current events. I can find interest in just about anything, and love bouncing around ideas.

Books: JK Rowling; JRR Tolkien; Augusten Burroughs; Terry Pratchett; classic literature; science fiction; dystopian novels; nonfiction on neuroscience, psychology, and cosmology.
Television: The Big Bang Theory; The Venture Brothers; House, MD; Invader Zim.
Films: Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill 1&2, Hayao Miyazaki films, Wall-E (really any Pixar), "Renaissance Era" Disney, etc.

Feel free to add and comment! I will almost certainly add you back.
All of my writing and graphics have moved to hitbygravity! Feel free to join or watch for fandom-type updates!

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We are a small but active land comm for The Big Bang Theory with challenges involving graphics, writing, trivia, luck, and just plain fun!
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